Same Love Gifts Rainbow Support Programme

At Same Love Gifts we strive to be open and honest about everything we do.  This includes the terms and conditions of our Rainbow Support Programme.  We are passionate about doing all we can to help drive awareness and to bring equality to the LGBTQ community.  The Same Love Gifts Rainbow Support Programme is a core component to our purpose and vision.  Thank you for supporting us and the non-for-profits that we hope to support in everything we do!

Terms & Conditions
  1. Same Love Gifts will determine eligible non-for-profit organisations and put in place the necessary terms and contract to support the Same Love Gifts Rainbow Support Programme.

  2. Only approved non-for-profits organisations will be eligible to earn commission (AKA “donations”) at the rate of 10% of the net invoice amount for product sales via the Same Love Gifts Website. 

  3. Net Invoice amount means the amount received by Same Love Gifts for the product sale excluding any associated shipping costs.

  4. The 10% commission is not given for the purchase of Same Love Gifts "Gift Cards".

  5. During the checkout process the 10% net invoice amount will be shown.  This is generated as a line item called "GST".  The GST amount is the 10% commission that the nominated non-for-profit will receive from the Customers purchase(s). This will also be shown on your invoice at point of sale.

  6. Same Love Gifts reserve the right to determine any commission splits or other disputes over commissions where other non-for-profit organisations are involved.

  7. No commission is earned, due or payable under this programme unless Same Love Gifts receives a product sale via their webstore and the appropriate Non-For-Profit Organisation has been selected by the Customer upon successful checkout and payment of the customer’s order.

  8. Same Love Gifts will provide a monthly statement to each non-for-profit that shows the customer’s product sales.  Product sales aligning with other Non-For-Profits will not be provided.

  9. The associated commissions received by Same Love Gifts will be paid to the non-for-profit each month.

  10. Payment will be made to each non-for-profit on the first Monday of each calendar month for the prior month into their nominated bank account.